Brake System

Brake Rotors

QBP Brake Rotors
Number Used: QBP
Cross Reference: Aimco/raybestos/Wagner
Example QR3295

Inroble Premium Plus Coated Rotos
Number Used: Inroble
Cross Peference: Aimco/Raybestos/Wagner
Full Coated with O.E.M Specification GEOMENT
Coating to resist salt corrosion
GEOMET Coating is 10 microns thick(10micons = 0.01mm)
Example: PP3295
Fully Coated with O.E.M. Specification GEOMET Coating to Resist Salt Corrosion Can be Installed onto Vehicles Without Degreasing No Turning Required GEOMET Coating is 10 Microns Thick (10 Microns = 0.01 MM) Full Coverage of Late Domestic and Import Vehicles

Inroble Brake Rotots
Number Used:Inroble
Cross Reference: Aimco/Raybestos/Wagner
Precision Machined & Balanced
Example: BR3295
Use New Materials Only; No Re-cycled Finished, Balanced and Ready to Install Composite Designs Where Specified by Original Equipment

Drilled Rotos
Cross Reference: Aimco/Inroble
Duraplus Coated