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Wiper Blades

Valeo Wiper Blades
MCI5(Ultimate master connect seriers) Example: 900-16-1B(900 Ultimate Series
Valeo is OE manufacturer for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW etc

Exact Fit Wiper Blade Sets
Available Number:
HY-021(v-slot) 20"+24" Audi A4/S4/RS4 03-08 A6/S6/RS6 02-05
HY-024 24" + 19" BMW 3 05-09
HY-026 26"+18" BMW 5,6, 2010-up BMW 7 2008-up
HY-E28 22"+19" MB GLK 2008-up
HY-029 6"+23" Civic 2006-up
HY-075 24"+20" Audi Q5/A4 2008-up A5/S5 2007-up
HY-030-22(Boshi 2nd Type 22" Aero Flex)

Universal Fit Wiper Blades
Availabe Number: HY55A-[size](Metal Frame) Hy002-[Size](Beam Blade)
Easy to install suitable for most makes and models
Example: HY55A-16 / 16"
*To place online order on our website, just enter the blade size

Multiclips Wiper Blades
Available Number: HY-A8-[Size](Multiclip Aero Flex)
Example: HY-A8-22